Bottarelli Research is it a fraud?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Bogan7, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi there I just got an email from Bottarelli research in my inbox has anyone heard of these jokers seems to good to be true (and pricey) and was wondering if anyone had any experince with this group they do options so they remind me a little of the Optionetics crowd which if is true wouldnt go near.

    Anyway just wondering

    P.S. the webpage looked dodgy as well if the bloke is doing so well at get a decent page

  2. forget about it and anything else that comes from agora (options hotline) or taipan (wavestrength).

    at best, you subscribe, do the exact opposite of their recommendation and then ask for a refund after 30 days.
  3. mcnutt


    If he is so good at trading, why does he write about trading instead of actually trading?
  4. I traded with Bottarelli Research for a period of one year and lost a large sum of money. Basically, he sends alerts and you enter and exit options positions throughout the trading day. On some days you may be placing up to five trades. The model portfolio is a joke as he always writes the maximum price you could have sold at and the lowest price you could have bought at to look good on paper. At times options will hit stop losses and he will not register the loss. There were times when an option went to almost zero and he would not register the loss...the market would then climb sometimes weeks after and THEN he would register the loss as the option had climbed back up in value. This is NO WAY to trade as trading options without stops and letting them fall to almost zero is a guaranteed way to lose money. It was frustrating to be placing trades within seconds of his alerts and still not making any money while the model portfolio looked so good. Save your money and skip Bottarelli Research. I will write specifics on here when I have more time.
  5. I had about the same experience as calitrader07. Unless you are sitting at your computer waiting for his email alerts on options trades you won't get in at the price he recommends. I missed well over half the trades. I paid $800 for 3 months and lost $1000 total in about 20 option trades. I wasn't sure if it was the sideways market or the Bottarelli Research, maybe a little of both. Either way I won't try another 3 months.
  6. Send the mob around to him to convince him that he has been messing with the wrong the meantime....

    Send a $100 to the Salvation Army for your stupidity thinking that others are smarter than YOU....for Christ sake !!!!!!
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    I wish I'd come across this 6 months ago before I lost $1000s with Bottarelli's option and small cap services. His reported results are somewhere between exaggerated and downright lies. He's very good at answering email questions until you question any of reported results. Then you don't hear from him. As for the small cap service, every recommendation lost money! Big money! One thing he does have going for him is a good advertising copywriter. But that's about it.
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    I have had a slight different experience. One, for anyone, mad that you have to be at the computer all the time and waiting for an email to buy or sell. Well what the heck should you be doing? Yes, if you want to make money trading, its not go play basketball and get a text message and then have time to drive home and place a trade. Trading the market is a JOB. You get up, take a shower, get dressed just as if you had a real paying job and then sit and wait for the market to give you a place to buy or short! Now for this company, yes I have made money with Bottarelli Research. I have to agree with some that numbers are not always correct. But I played a lot different then most. Most people would take a 25K account or 10K account and buy equal number of options. Example 10 contracts of ABC at $1.80, 10 contracts of CDD at $4.00, and 10 contracts of XYZ at $5.90. Well this is the WRONG way to trade this company. I would have use 10K of my accont and split it so I could buy 5 different contracts with 2K each. Example I would have traded ABC at $1.80 and bought 11 contract, traded CDD at $4.00 and bought 5 contracts, and XYZ at $5.90 and bought 3 contracts. I did make money but I grabbed 15% to 25% and sold. The reason I don't like his service is that he spends 30 minutes to an hour writing why he wants you to buy the option, where as if he would just send a simple email like: Buy DEC 08 AAB at or below $3.00 and later after that he can write the book why he thought this was a good buy. I have sent several emails and without luck to change his mind. But, I stress that if anyone thinks they can play a video game, watch TV, play outside, cut the lawn while they are trading then I believe they will always lose. I have been trading since 2000 and I have lost some and won some. But my account is still in the green. Yes I have bad habits too, that I lose money to. I like to gain a lot then try a penny stock or two. HEHE
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    One of the worst option traders I have ever seen. His entries and exits are a fiction of his imagination and are not attainable in the real world of option trading. In addition, he loves to take "quick" profits of 10-15% but lets his losers run into losses of 40-70%. I have tried this service for two years and would not recommend it to my dog.

    His stop loss prices are hardly ever followed and he doubles his position a lot with the hope of a recovery in the stock..After all it is not his money!

    Do Not Get Sucked In!!
  10. Mr. Bottarelli;
    Your self-calculated "Track Record" is meaningless -- as testified to here by previous posters. Register yourself with an independent 3rd party such at Collective2 or Trader Track and let your signals be autotraded by an unbiased system. Then come back and show us your wonderful results.
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