BOTS vs. mankind

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. sometimes ... I think it is all quant - auto hedge - algorithmic

    trading out there ... man versus machine ... usually the machine

    is keeping such a tight market it is hard for man to win

    or to make much ... sometimes though

    the BOTS are turned off ... or they go "bonkers"

    that is fun to watch ... and might enable the astute
    trader to make his keep

  2. There are always days like today when no one in the world can stop you from making money but yourself.
  3. The bots will only get better and better over time. I don't think there will be much left on the table for the manual traders.

  4. A good chess player can beat a computer at the game. There will always be a way for savvy traders to make money in the markets.
  5. laptop



    but are you the one who beats the chess computer at its highest setting

    you are right, but how many reading this will be those successful ones
  6. Yes, and a good computer program will beat 99% of the good human chess players. In 1997, the world chess champion himself resigned to a piece of code, as you probably know. Today, he doesn't stand a chance.
  7. jasmine1


    out of balance with the Board
    clouds pass and strata matters
    hidden in grey petrified souls
    a formation of numberors struggling to ride
    along side the algorithm soldiers

    a winter dusk settles in
    doors close to sounds of an electronic buzz or something
    hearts have migrated or died
    moments before
    life breathed in this room
    life lived in this room
    under the guise of friendship
    a little coin in pocket
    but beautiful people aliv dreaming


    more wires more chips and Spring Cadets
    spinning quant epithets
    tomorrow whether dawn comes or not
    it'll scarce be noticed