Bots in ER2?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Triple X, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. The ER2 today was very erratic, almost like someone threw a switch and today I'm trading against computers. Anybody else notice this?
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    Yes, I def noticed many 8 to 12 tick swings against established trends that made it tougher to trade than usual.

    I want to learn more about using volume in my trading. Does anyone recommend a book, website, or any other advice.


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    Not only is the trade become significantly more algorithmic against the has also become a monster in terms of spreading against ES.

    The volatility is clearly dying on the vine.
  5. Oh, I'm sorry, that was me and my 100 computers messing with you :D .

    Seriously, it seems like for every one day we get a half-sized move, we get 5 more days of dead chop. The air is getting a little thin up here...

  6. Think we could be coming back down to earth a little then Roughy?
  7. on fridays ER often trades like this.
  8. 100% sure that will happen.
    The kicker is, when?
  9. Yep agreed but trying to position ahead can be expensive
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    yes... I noticed the chop today in the ER2. I made some money at first then lost it all back from the choppy conditions.

    After all this choppiness the ER2 trended a little bit later in the afternoon, but it was too late after surpassing my max loss for the day.

    I'm thinking of not trading the ER2 in the afternoon on Fridays from now on. I'm going to do all my trading on this instrument in the early morning when it first opens.
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