Both sponsors Puretick and Theexchange don't appear in the sponsor list ..

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by puretruth, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. At the bottom of the homepage , both sponsors are not listed...
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    They are now. I actually had to add a couple others as well.
  3. byteme


    Way to backfire.
  4. That's unfortunate. But so was the removal of the anti-PureTick thread after you cashed the first check.
  5. Maybe you can let Timmy Sykes back too.

    That way we can have an All-Star roster of trading failures selling their services on ET.
  6. Stop bitching. Send Baron the cash and you too can subject yourself to a hoard of skeptical jackass Pikers.

  7. What's the cost of becoming a paid sponsor here so one can crap all over the place with impunity?
  8. I dont believe this site would exist if it were not for paying sponsors (good or bad). Perhaps you can just learn to ignore the sponsors whom you dislike, maybe even use the ignore button and eliminate them from your world?