Both parties support Illegals

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  1. You know if they (Christian fundamentalist) really believe a zygote is a human then if an illegal gets pregnant on American soil the unborn baby is by definition an American and the mother couldn't be deported while she was pregnant. And to protect these unborn Americans from being smuggled out of the country every woman deported would first have to be given a pregnancy test.
  2. Perhaps you think it amusing but the whole anchor baby scam and illegal immigration in general is more of a direct threat than radical Islam.
  3. Ricter


    Money renters like cheap labor. And absentee money renters, aka investors, don't know and mostly do not care what type of labor is being employed at the businesses they "own".

    Edit: to be clear, most illegals are not working for public companies, but the principle is the same.
  4. I agree. We've gradually seen our country turn from a prosperous european-based culture increasingly into a third world shit hole. We can of course thank teddy kenendy and his infamous immigration law for it, but both parties have gone along with it.

    Now we have a presidential debate where a candidate actually has to justify expecting the immigration laws to be enforced, and the president brags about asserting dictatorial powers to ignore them.
  5. Wow cptn that's an interesting fact, thanks for the detailed research report
    "Threats to America: Illegal aliens VS Radical Islam".