Botched Cook County Property Tax Relief Backfires On Working Class, Minorities

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Sep 7, 2018.

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  2. that is just the beginning of problems there for sure...
  3. $86,000 tax on a $511,000 property?

    How's that for theft by government....
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  4. God help us! they will run any value producing individuals right out of the state
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  6. Kind of a "catch 22", isn't it?

    If there is nobody left for the freeloaders to freeload off of, how can they be "freeloaders"?
  7. Taxation and tax analysis involve math. And math is something that white folks learn and is part of their white supremacist culture. White liberals who run the Dem Plantation avoid using math too as a way of showing solidarity for working class and minority groups. Their degree in Gender Studies gives them skills in the areas that matter.
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  8. Stupid Lefty Taxing Authority. Without a change in the tax plan, they've made the property worthless to themselves as well as the current owner.
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  10. only one way these people will learn, or maybe they won't learn.. but this kind of invasion of private property and expropriation is outright theft
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