Bot writer?

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  1. Anyone want to write automated poker/trading software?
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    For how much?

  3. Depends on the quality of the program. If interested, PM me.
  4. gosh ... is this something a HF can trade in ?

    poker tourney's on the net ?

  5. We're always looking for new strategies, lol :). This is just my side hobby. Playing on Party Poker right now against a bot. Seems becoming more prevelant.
  6. Hi,

    I have looked into this before.

    Just so you know - most popular websites have rules against using bots to play poker, including partypoker

    "We are committed to detecting and preventing software programs which are designed to enable artificial intelligence ("AI Software") to play on our Services such as, but not limited to opponent-profiling, player collusion, cheating software or anything else that we deem enables you to have an unfair advantage over other players. You acknowledge that the Company will take measures to detect and prevent the use of such programs and AI Software using methods (including but not limited to reading the list of currently running programs on a player’s computer) and you agree not to use any AI Software and/or any such programs. For FAQs on this go to our Policy on “unfair advantage” Programs."
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    I've done both. A basic PP bot is pretty easy.. all you have to do is parse the log file :) A student/hobbiest could do it for you. It gets more interesting when you move past pot vs implied odds, and try to profile the opponents more and throw in on-the-fly monte carlo runs, mix up your play some, etc. It gets to the point where, for a "real" programmer (ie, one who does it for a living), the time spent on poker bots just wasn't worth the rewards.
    Now, automated trading - that's a different story :) It has much better implied odds vs a poker bot :D so I spend much more midnight oil on that endevour...
  8. I understand. I don't believe there is anything illegal about running poker bots on these sites and, while Party Poker may be big (rich) enough to police/detect this activity, there are countless other sites popping up that I wouldn't think have the sophistication to stop it. I was reading about the new game called "Stacked" with Daniel Negreanu and it seemed pretty sophisticated (referencing a number of those Jason mentioned). I thought that a sophisticated bot might be able to play undetected and would have such an edge that the amount earned playing multiple tables and man-hours playing could make that sum very significant even at low-stakes tables. My guess is there are at least 50 online poker sites now and more on the way. With all the new players entering the fray, I would guess that even a less sophisticated bot would have a huge edge and make some significant money. I appreciate your insight. I was hoping to find a great programmer and start with poker, if it worked, program trading models.
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    trade-ya1, check your PM
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    I actually read a few weeks back that Party Poker for the first time in its history has observed a decrease in new (i.e. fresh meat) players.

    I play poker all the time, but I always have played. But for the new players, I think the craze is nearing an end.

    I also agree with Jason, more money in trading than poker.
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