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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by duard, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. duard


    Anybody witness the "bot wars" @ 9:00 am Chicago time in the ES.

    Nice a couple or more bots duked it out between the breakdown price of 1221.50 and 1220.50 slapping 15K contracts back and forth at the speed of light with a 1 point spread for 2 minutes.

    I guess a sell program hit the SIF's and the resultant melee in the futures took a couple of minutes to churn through but it was funny to watch.
  2. I was in it. Although I make some money, I don't like it...
    Are those the bots? I just imagine some big guys muscle and push things around before dumping orders??
  3. do any of you guys have "live squawk box" SP500

    feed from the CME? it would be interesting to have heard the commentary then ...

    even if the volume of paper was not as high as in the ES with the SP pit traded contract being 5 times bigger
  4. duard


    Yes, it would have been nice. I don't have a squawk but prem hit a sell threshold so I envision a sell program which triggers futures buying followed by an equities drop and then back forth through the resting stops, etc. It was too fast to even know what was happening until about 30 seconds into it.

    I stepped aside until it was a clear sell program with followthrough.

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