Boston ...shut up!

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  1. Is the whole city like that? There hasn't been a bigger bunch of whiners since Kevin McHale and Ainge ...and those fans.

    Paul Pierce's mother should have named him "Assholes and Elbows"

    Cheap basketball.
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    I can appreciate fans getting into their teams... but Boston fans are just a bunch of Dicks collectively.

    Onto the series:

    Will somebody... anybody... from the Lakers step up and hard foul Rondelle - Hondo - Honda, or whatever his name is. Seriously, small men should not be allowed to drive the lane or be anywhere near the paint in Finals Basketball without paying a heavy price.

    Where's Laimbeer...
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    I can't stand pro crapsketball. The big(physical wise) guy stars get to play football and rugby as well as travel, and the smaller(physical wise) stars get to travel an extra 3 steps on top of the 5 allowed for general stars. Lambier was a pile of crap. I still wish someone had come in in his era and just wiped him off the court. Maybe they would have come up with rules against the b.s. now if someone had taken Lampansy out of the game pulling his physical crap.
    Crapskeball is just thug ball. Man I hate that useless sport.
  4. I'm with you, basketball just offers nothing of interest to me at any level.
  5. Paul Pierce born and raised in Los Angeles


  6. So you posted just to let people know that. How special.
  7. Celtics owner lobbies David Stern because of his feeling the refs
    were biased. Celtics organization again demonstrate what they'll resort to. Cheap.

    Lakers should be leaving Shannon Brown in longer. The guy is more athletic than alot of the bench.
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    Right now it's all on:

    1. Kobe
    2. Odom

    Not necessarily in that order.
  9. As special as you're crying about the refs, and the game.LOL
  10. It ain't cryin when its a fact.
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