Boston Scientific ready to rock

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  1. I know this stock has been a real dog but the pattern that has developed indicates it may be poised for a move higher.
  2. H & R BLOCK MAY ALSO BE READY TO ROCK. I know tax season is
    over but this is a bullish pattern

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    I'm sorry...I meant

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    Why don't you buy stocks on the way up?

    Or.......are you a "bagholder"
  4. Here ya go,

    a "Connect the Dots" coloring book!

    My god, dude, look for a trendline breakout, anything! But don't pass a bunch of triangles off as "bullish"! Maybe "bullshit" but definately not bullish" !
  5. not a big fan of Pfizer but it may be time as long as it can stay above 23 area. the pattern is bullish
  6. YO DUDE Time will tell if I am correct. It is about probability, DUDE
    I put it out there for all to see. I even puit real money on the line punk
  7. I am not a punk Dude, and you will call me Sir.
    I have children older than you and have been trading since before you were born, about 30 years (trading) now.
  8. trading for 30 years yet never saw the validity in pattern trading
    with fibswhich also incorporates Elliott wave in the patterns themselves without all the confusion. I also doubt your kids are older then myself. Don't forget you drew first blood.....DUDE!!!!!!!!:D
  9. ess1096


    Those charts make me want to go fly a kite :D

    Seriously, none of those have broken out of their downtrend lines. You would be better off waiting for confirmation of a trend reversal.
  10. My point exactly, but "children" don't listen.
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