Boston Prop - Chimera v. Bright

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  1. Who's got facts on both? I've been in contact with Don Bright regarding his office and wanted to hear others who have actual knowledge of either. Don't throw rumors in this unless you're more than 90% confident they're true.

  2. Just a comment before anyonoe starts posting. Boston is an affiliate location, does allow some traders to come in with little or no capital (some, not all), and have a very (very) flexible payout with several variables. All traders are members of our Main LLC, just in case you're wondering that as well.

  3. Don, I appreciate the clarification on that. I figured you would take a gander in here and clear up anything incorrect too, so that works out perfect.
  4. To be fair, I know only what I see on their website about Chimera. And, it seems that they have several plans and some flexibility too. Couldn't see what exchange they belong to, and nothing about licensing. Perhaps only employee traders. I guess we'll find out more from someone.

  5. don.. for boston. still need that darn series 7 right?
  6. Afraid so, gotta keep our squeaky clean record intact you know.

    Don :p
  7. thanks, thought so, maybe one day..
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    all i can say is any trader that pays more than .003 per share is a freakin fool.its tough enough to make consistent money out there let alone let someone pick your pocket. don i still find it amazing that guys are paying .007 per share for the first 1k then .004 per share over that. thats freakin stunning. i remember talking with one of your offices in 2001 and i swear the rates were .007 then or maybe it was .009 for the first 1000. you must be offering free house rent and groceries to all your traders
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    Bright Trading must be doing something right. Seems they are constantly picking up traders from other firms that are charging lower rates.

    Maybe overall "perks" offered at Bright Trading, outweigh lower commish rates charged by other firms ??????
  10. its always been a mystery to me.. maybe the guys in vegas get some benefits. it is vegas ya know.. .. but the rest, no way... he will never reveal his secret.. he must hypnotize all his traders.. their under his spell. lol..
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