Boston Marathon Crooks

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  1. Its pretty obvious that most of these people do not NEED these jackets. They are just stealing them from some poor vendor who left his stand after the bombing. How low is your character when you will steal an ugly $60 jacket, just because everyone else is stealing one?

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    And, just after a bomb exploded. Amazing. I hope they eventually identify these people and charge them with theft. I can't imagine any of them thought these items were free for the taking.
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    they look like an ant swarm...
  4. lol . . . in your face evidence that when the shit hits the fan , there really isn't any difference between 1st and 3rd worlds folks.

    The real question is . . . if the situation gets really bad , for whatever reason, how is one going to protect himself when he doesn't even know who is friend and who is foe and who is the wolf in sheep jackets.

    Maybe AAA (because he is an indepth thinker) can apply his mind and write a piece.:(.
  5. Guns work pretty good.
  6. It doesn't require in depth thinking.

    This is the inevitable and predictable result when traditional religion is replaced by the obamaphone culture.

    To see where we're heading, go to any third world hellhole or the UK, which is well on its way to that status, and see the elaborate security, walled compounds, barbed wire, armed security, etc. Anything not tied down is considered fair game. Recall the mindless looting in the UK a couple of years ago when they had some incident that immediately turned into racial violence.

    And liberals wonder why the great unwashed here cling to our guns? We can read the handwriting on the wall.