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  1. Does anyone know what happened to this group, based out of Chicago? I used to talk to a guy who worked there a few years back (scalped the Bund, primarily) but see their website has been removed/shut down.
  2. Found this about Boss Trading:

    David Hilkes’s Experience
    Commodities Trader, Partner
    Boss Trading, Gelber Group
    (Venture Capital & Private Equity industry)

    July 2005 — November 2008 (3 years 5 months)

    Co Founder and Co Owner of Boss Trading, a proprietary trading group within Gelber Group
    • Successfully traded multiple international futures markets
    • Grew trading group from 6 up to 16 employed traders
    • Trained and supervised a group of up to 16 new as well as veteran traders

    David Hilkes’s Summary
    I have spent the last 10.5 years in the fast paced environment of commodities trading. I have been successful in the business and have enjoyed the constant challenges our field brings along. I particularly like the "detective work" required to stay on top of what makes markets move. Finding these relationships never gets boring, and 'Thinking on your Feet' never gets old.

    2008 was a difficult year for my personal trading, and even more so for the trading group I was privileged to co- found. In the end, we decided to dissolve our partnership and to take on new challenges separately.
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    put this in prop firms. it really needs to be seen to believe.