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    I finished my current supplement and since I like to cycle them I looked into the cabinet. I found an unopened bottle of Boron Chelate, and I didn't even remember what I bought it for. (maybe memory loss?)

    Anyhow, I started to take it today and read up on it. It is supposed to be a natural testosterone booster, if there is such a thing. Also good for arthritis, maybe a little mental clearance, your dick will grow twice the size, you got the picture. Must help with sleep too, because I had to take a nap in the afternoon.

    Anyhow here is the chance to share your boron stories. I will report back if I notice my di.. I mean anything...
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    FYI: I've read that you can create your own boron 'supplement' by dissolving a small amount of borax in water, then further diluting that water, and taking small doses from this supply. The exact recipe can be found online (or at least, I found it online years ago...on the earthclinic website, I believe. But you can use math and weights to figure your own recipe.).

    Borax is much less expensive than the boron supplements.
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    Thanks but it is only $8 for a month and I don't have to drink my own soapy water. :)

    Now I would like to mention here what I posted in the testosterone thread, Boron is most likely one of the only 2 natural substances that actually raises T level. In the study they administered 6 mg/day and the T level increased 28%...

    I am taking two 3 mg pills per day.
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  4. Borax is the best ant kill. They get exposed to it, bring it back to the whole colony, and the problem takes care of itself.
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    They should eat it in moderation.
  6. Yeah, but you know how it is when someone gets excited about a supplement. :D
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    On the reviews are extremely positive for arthritis. Remember on this site they don't sell products so there is no incentive to push boron:

    Personally I felt my knee hurting when I started out. Other reviewers also mentioned this, in the beginning there is an opposite effect, like the body is getting ride of itself of the bad stuff.

    The only review about athletic conditioning:

    When I started supplementation T level was at 520. after 3 months of supplementation T level was at 1380. true story. the only thing I added during this period was HIIT training. 45 minutes, 6 days per week at max heart rate for the 45 minutes. I'm 43 yo. I took 1 scoop of "testosterone booster" by six star daily on an empty stomach about 10 am. I was also training from 5-6 am. "
  8. The plural of anecdote is not data.
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    I quoted the 2 studies proving T level increase by about 28% in the testosterone thread, look it up.

    Quoting irrelevant facts is not an argument.

    Nobody is going to pay for a costly study to prove that a $4/month supplement is better than the T level booster shit they sell at gyms. :)
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