Boredom in Trading

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  1. Hi.
    As a manual trader, did you watch at the screen (nearly) every day, trading in and out?

    Have you ever felt bored when you keep doing the same things (nearly) every day?

    If so, how do you overcome these kinds of boredom?

    Thank you. :)
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  3. Pekelo


    Yes, most of the time I am bored out of my mind, since my style is intraday swing trading with 4-8 trades a day.

    I actually started a thread about interesting websites just to kill boredom, but it looks like most people are busy watching the screen.

    So my solution to the problem is twofold:

    1. Trying to automatize trading as much as possible.
    2. Recently I discovered with literally 10000s of clips...

    Also playing with the dog helps a little... :)
  4. Similar situation.
    If the market moves like dead water, I am bored to death. :(
    Sometimes I find myself ZZzz... at the computer.

    Which thread?

    I would like to automate my trading too. It seems to be the most leisure and comfortable way to get some decent incomes, although I won't expect auto system is as successful as me. :)

    On the other hand, you might miss a trade when playing with your lovely dog. :p
  5. sulli


    I did that once! That was a nice ~$700 nap :p
  6. $700 nap? :mad:
    You haven't closed your position before you nap. What a pity!

    Have anyone experienced a costly wee-wee?
  7. bl82


    Depends on the day, but specific to trading I might do some non-essential market-related stuff, such as...
    1) look at charts (outside of the group I usually look at)
    2) run stock screens
    3) look at news that is increasingly less market-related
    4) surf message boards such as this one
    5) daytrade (not just to relieve boredom, but sometimes that is my main motivation)
    6) develop and backtest new trading systems

    Keep my analytical brain stimulated with...
    1) strategy-oriented games like poker, chess, risk, freecell, etc.

    Surf web sites that are pure entertainment...
    1) sports
    2) music
    3) video
  8. You are all trading for a living? What capital size did you get to before you began TFAL?
  9. bl82


    Stopped working as a consultant for a 12 month 'trial run' dedicated to trading. Started with approx. $250k and was fortunate enough to get up into 7 figures before the end of the 12 months.

    I was hoping to convince my wife that I could continue with whatever sum I had at the end of 12 months, but I suspected that the argrument would not hold up if I had less than $500k. I (knowingly) took too much risk to get over that number, but I figured I had to have a convincing track record to keep me from going back to too much travel, late nights, client deadlines, etc. It would have been much easier to commit to trading FT if I had still been single...
  10. Convincing family is a the hardest task in the planet, even after trading. :(

    They won't even understand what a trader is about. They always hope you could get a "decent & stable" job instead.

    What they understand is that market is for sharks. Whoever gets in, whoever gets slaugthered. However they miss the very point that I'm actually one of the shark in the market. :p

    Trading can be a very stable job too.
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