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  1. maybe i am just an old fart, but i would be interested if i am not the only one that is completely bored of online trader communities. shit maybe i am just becoming a recluse. my day is filled with charts, trades, the wife and what ever i can find online "in that order". i am not even sure what i want, sometimes i wonder if i could only find a few traders out there and get something going, but then again what do i expect out of it.. when i have tried in the past all i have managed is drawing in the usual pretenders that end up being told to f-off from the irritating constant nagging "what you in", "what do you think of this chart", "why didnt you tell me you entered that trade".. i guess all i am seeking is a couple of old farts like myself "just in mind not in body" to maybe start something interesting or have constructive talks about trading that might actually spark something new. all i get online is:

    - no interesting content-
    the same old crap repeated over and over again

    - pretenders-
    good for a laugh sometimes

    - egos-
    the my d!ck is bigger than yours kind

    -bad losers-
    folks that have never and probably will never make it

    -chat rooms-
    the only difference with chat rooms and forums is the bullshit is like a constant live feed.

    ah well, screw it i think ill just find a hobby or something to do between trades. anyone else out there in the same boat?

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    Build a workship in your basement with some powertools. Maybe you will have a few accidents to keep your mind occupied. Its amazing how trivial the market will seem with a few fewer fingers.
  3. My heart bleeds for you...
  4. I hear ya. Trading is like fishing, there is a lot of down time between bursts of action. There are very few people out there who understand what we do, and most think trading is just like gambling. And of course there are those who live and die by the charts or such and such indicator. The game is much more complicated than that but everyone tries to simplify it.

    Trading is a solo pursuit, but it is fun to share ideas and thoughts, but most people willing to do that are not good traders, but pretenders.
  5. now there is an idea... maybe i should live in a boat house and stick my rod out the window. hell i might even get away with a couple of sticks of dynamite, croc dundee style
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    You know you're in trouble when you find yourself in deep pholosophical conversations with telemarketers ... or the cat.
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    I'm thinking of a hobby would work. Something from home so you can hang around the screen to keep an eye on things, in case something happens in the market.I'm a day trader.For you long term folks, no idea.
  8. urm what youa re doing is not called trading, its called retiree investing.
  9. I flyfish as you might have figured out....well some of you perhaps.

    My hobby is fly tying. I tie flies for all sorts of (trout to tuna etc) flyfishing, I flyfish for a variety of species around the planet, so I can be at my flyting desk with the trading screen up on the pc.

    So I can tie fly patterns, trade and dream a bit and plan the next exursion around the planet flyfishing for tuna, sailfish, marlin, trout etc....Tying flies Works great and complements and improves my trading.

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