bored....looking for something to do.

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  1. fellow traders..... what do u guys do when you guys aren't trading? I've shifted to a Open/Close trader and that leaves me ton of time during the day. anyone out there in a same spot? anyone have a good idea what I can do during 10am-3:30pm? don't post porn please.
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    no more porn...please...sheeesh....anyways i am in a great place to walk and thats what i do. I go to key biscayne and walk on the beach when i have down is very good for the mind and it takes a long time ( as opposed to jogging ) and once in a while you might just catch the bartender girls trying to catch up on their tanning...
  3. PS3

    The new Grand Theft Auto is SICK. So is Call of Duty 4, FIFA 08, NBA Street...
  4. start threads on ET
    read your email
    water your garden
    cut your grass
    go grocery shopping
    wash your car just like Bill Gates does.:D
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    Have dumbbells and a treadmill in your trading room....
  7. Open another account and learn to daytrade futures.

  8. I normally do a few things to keep myself busy... Like read google news over and over... Work on my stock bot.. play online games like at

    If i'm having a really bad day I like to try to win some money so i'll play at or

    Worse case scenario I try to trade more, which that NEVER works out..I'm learning its better to just play games instead of trying to turn the market into a game
  9. thx for replying traders...

    NYOBscalper.... I heard PS3 is a total entertainment system. do u have Tversity set up? I heard u can set up network b/c ur pc and TV, so u can watch anything u download on PC on ur TV. lemme know if u have any info on this.

    Cocaine.... i'm actually giving a lot of thought trading ES. I've never done it but I'm willing to learn. right now, I just trade equities. would it be a whole new game to learn it now? any tips on how i can initiate this move?'s great that u got a nice place to walk.....beach? It'll be a dream if i could walk to a beach and enjoy the sun. where u at? I'm in Va and unfortunately, no beaches around here. plus If i were to go walking, my wife will force me to take my 2 sons on a stroller for a

    does anyone also trade FX thru automated system? is it hard to program?

    I sometimes go to the gym, take my sons to chuck e cheese, watch tv, play games(CS, starcraft), shop online(amazon, ebay)....June was actually enjoyable b/c I could watch euro2008....i watched every game lol. august will be fun(olympics)....but i'm still bored.
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    shit, even better.....spend as much time as you can with them...teach them how to fly a kite, ride bikes, kick ass...that should take up most of your down time....peace

    im in Miami
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