Bordom and over-trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by GD2KNO, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. GD2KNO


    it seems when there is slow action I just want to "make a trade".

    So thanks to Elite, I now have a place to keep busy and distracted keeping myself from making brokers rich and myself poor.

    Thank you all for being here!

    Happy and Prosperous Holidays to All
  2. didn't you say you listen to pinpoint trading to put on trades then go out and spend time with your children? why would you be bored when you don't trade much by using pinpoint trading? or are you just trying to sell their system? what's the deal??
  3. LOL! You called that bird on his scheme.

  4. ron2368


    ((Wow , you guys are brutal. Did you go back and read every post she wrote so you could get some dirt or something nasty?))

    Anyway, it was a fairly boring day......I did one trade I probably shouldnt have. I did check out ET a few times which I most always enjoy :)

    A Happy and Prosperous New Year to All !
  5. lundy


    I read a post some time ago about a prop firm that lets its traders watch movies when market is boring.
  6. That's a HUGE distraction. I highly do NOT recommend such a diversion of concentration.

  7. didn't mean to sound brutal. my apologies if i did. it's just that i was really curious.
  8. Just take off early like I did today and go snowboarding.

    Much more fun

  9. GD2KNO


    Yes, I do follow PinPoint, but some days like those recently, when there are long periods between their signals I get the "urge" to open a chart and trade thinking I can at least scalp a few points here and there.

    I commented on it because I felt others may be inclined to over-trade, and I recall what it cost me in the past.

    I thought sharing it may help them, and it kept me busy until the urge passed.
  10. GD2KNO


    I'm happy to see not everyone on the Elite boards pre-judges so quickly.

    I suspect ron2368 is a successful, and happy person (or maybe a woman?):) :) :)
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