Borders Sucks

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    Dont worry Borders and Barnes and nobles in the next 2 years will be closing up all those stores. Books will be non existent in the next decade. No need to worry about how borders sucks.
  2. When you need a "study hall", which do you prefer to go to? :confused: :)
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    Every time I go there people are laying around, sitting on the floor, leaning against the book cases reading as if they were in their house, its a joke. The other funny thing is how quiet everyone is, I keep telling everyone its not a library but a store that sells books, you don't have to be quiet as if your in a study hall getting ready for your next exam. And the starbucks is just another annoying aspect.
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    Your name wouldn't happen to be Guy Montag, would it?
  5. Many, many locations are nothing more than glorified coffee houses that function as a sort of highbrow public library system. As you mention, the industry is basically cannibalizing itself with e-books and such. That speaks nothing of upcoming generations, whom I'd argue, are not nearly as enamored with reading as previous generations.

    Which brings me to a bigger perspective on all of this. What happens one day, when the "hard" copy version of controversial books literally no longer exists or becomes so hard to find that only a few collectors horde such things. The powers that be then decide that these books are not fit for consumption, and wham, they just dissappear.

    Sort of like a Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 scenario. Instead of burning all books, they just slowly disappear over time, as we decide its more expedient and "easier" to simply download books instead of buying a copy at a bookstore.
  6. Haha, I didn't even see your post before the Fahrenheit 451 reference, but we are definitely on the same wavelength. :D
  7. Nazzie, I do so love it when you opine on NQ. But BampersandN is still the only place to hit on fucked-up women in the Psych book section.
  8. Interesting. I took my child to a borders in the twin cities a couple of weeks ago and it was packed. Waited in line for 20 minutes to check out. That was interesting, because a good looking 60 year old chick was hitting on me. I'm 43 but I'm not picky. It was very entertaining for my daughter, to say the least. Shoulda been there Art.

    Anyway, we couldn't find a specific book, so we drove the extra 2 miles to BnN. Absolutely empty. No chicks at all of any shape, size or age. They didn't have the book either.

    At least the trip was an overall success, cuz I was able to score a 6 dollar DVD of Gettysburg while waiting in line.
  9. 1) Thanky thanky. :D
    2) Stay away from the Self-Help and Investing aisles. You may meet "better" women in the cookbook aisle instead. :cool:
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