Borders: Chapter 11

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    I just hope this isn't tantamount to eventual capitulation. Lots of people are confused regarding their gift cards etc. This article clears that up.

    As I chronicled here over the years in probably my favorite thread of my own: great&pagenumber=1

    This is the golden age of book publishing. To think that a major bookstore may not survive? Maybe Borders was at fault itself for giving away online biz to Amazon. Too late...
  2. Great! Now I can move on from people asking me what I think about putting my money on this POS.....
  3. "Chapter-11" shouldn't be the end. There can still be a chapter 12, 13, 14 et al. :cool:
  4. if they got better coffee and doughnuts, they'd probably do better.
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    This a strong opportunity for profit. As soon as the hold is removed, shares will sink then skyrocket--doubling or tripling your investment. I pray for opps like this, and here it is again...
  6. 1-cent bid, offered at 2-cents. You can double your money and yet the market can "sit still". :D
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    Huh? Last I checked it never reopened. My strategy is used by several funds, laugh all you want, see Althucher's trade like a hedge fund for details... good luck!
  8. Althucher's trade like a hedge fund

    Did you buy that at Borders?:cool:
  9. This will most likely have huge implications for the publishing industry.

    Here's the Washington Post take on the situation:

    The literary community has been speaking about the downfall of book stores for some time, so it's no surprise that today Border's announced they will be closing more store locations than originally said:

    We'll see what happens.
  10. Borders filed for bankruptcy & will close 200 stores. When Sarah Palin heard, she was like “Finally, we’re closing the borders!”
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