bordering on insanity

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bitstream, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Bush: We need a temporary worker program so that people don't try to sneak in the country to work. That they can come in an orderly fashion and take the pressure off the Border Patrol agents that we've got out there so that the Border Patrol agents don't focus on workers that are doing jobs Americans aren't doing but are focusing on terrorists and criminal elements, gun runners to keep both our countries safe.

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  2. the globalists couldn't have made it more clear: their goal is towards a world government and the first step is to allow aliens to run free the borders before ultimately making canada and mexico integral part of the usa...the amero will be your new currency in a not so distant future.

    do u wonder why BOA has begun issuing credit cards to illegal aliens? well, for a start BOA executives regularly attend the bilderberg meetings and in my mind being integral players in the elitists agenda they know full well their efforts to blatantly exploit a new market will go completely unchallenged and may be even praised.

    the globalists's agenda to create a world govt also implies privatizing roads and bridges and in the meanwhile take away citizens private proprieties to create new infrastructures; NWO here we come.
  3. Aren't you an Italian citizen living in the U.K?

  4. yeah, will not be here in london for long tho.