Borat Receives Film Awards

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  1. Israelis Go Bonkers Over Borat And His 12 Yr-Olds


    Borat Receives Film Awards

    Borat/Sasha Cohen was honored by fellow Jews at The annual Israeli Film Festival, where he received an outstanding achievement award. Jewish greats such as Amy Pascal and Israeli stage legend Gila Almagor, fawned all over him. 500 people, as well as from presenters such as, via telecast, Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert and Dustin Hoffman, heaped praise on the star..

    Cohen said he had worried about how the Jews - particularly the Israelis -- would receive the film, but most Jews acknowledged they loved Borat's toilet humor, and who hasn't dreamt of being surrounded by a bevy of pre-teen girls.

    Sasha Cohen Is the Rage With the Young Teen Crowd
    -Cohen masturbating and humping on stage

    Cohen's Movies, TV, and Club Acts, Shows His Infatuation With Children

    The underlying theme to the movie is to show the plight of Jews in the world. The opening scene has the 'Parade of the Jew', where horned devils parade through his village, the female squats and lays an egg. The villagers attack it with sticks, before the hatchling can emerge.

    Borat now comes to America, travels to LA to meet Pam Anderson, and during his trip he stays at a B&B, run by Jews. Despite being the epitome of kindness, he fears for his life, that night Borat thinks they transformed themselves into cockroaches, so he flees. Now he hitchhikes with a group of college students, who tell how Jews control the Universities, and how they get all the scholarships. And lets not forget a group of Neo Nazis that accuse the Jews of orchestrating 9/11.

    The rest of the movie show Sasha Cohen and his Jewish infatuations with masturbation, women on toilets, pondering sex with his sister, and the erotic pleasure of a bowel movement.

    Watch the clip below:

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    Sasha Cohen's infatuation with young children and sex reflects poorly on the Jewish race.