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  1. The retail price of 750 mL of Everclear broke critical resistance at $16.75 over the weekend. Fortunately, the cost of 1L of barely palatable municipal water to make vodka from it was stable at .06 cents. Hard times for hard liquor.
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    not sure what Everclear is but 750ml of Fris(very good vodka from denmark)at our store is on sale till middle of the may @ $9.99(regular price 14.99). i see no inflation in this particular area for at least a decade. price of booze at restaurants is a different story.


    if price get too high- i have no problem to produce my own booze(for personal usage off course),using regular water distiller :p
  3. What's the price of the 1.75 liter (half gallon)? :confused:
  4. $32 and change.
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    alcohol is a lame drug. Another example of how upside-down our society is
  6. wine prices have been dropping steadily for years.
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  8. source??

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    any store..(assuming that we are talking about regular $6-$20red\white wine,not some rare vintage)due to increased competition. chile and australia wines for example. the only prices that are going up SLIGHTLY is for wine from france,italy and spain. probably due to weak dollar
  10. Both countries have excess supply that is pressuring the market. :(
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