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    BOOO to et!!

    why ban skalpz?

    hes a good laaf.

    bring him back.

    before anyone goes on about his trading track record - so what!!

    looking at half the dross that gets posted on et, i bet most others are no better either - if he is good or bad i dont know - does it really matter.

    cant you guys have a sense of humour?
  2. Yeah man!
  3. I didn't even know he was still around. I've haven't seen him post in months
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    he was back for a few days, posted some stuff in chit chat that was quite amusing, then accused one of the moderators of harassing him on the fx forum - cant comment on that cos i dont read it much.

    i think its sad when moderators let their personal bias and thoughts to anonymous people get to them and they start abusing their power.


    im sure baron doesnt want a load of et folk banging on his door, burning the et flag and shouting anti et slogans - cos that can happen when people get insulted as we have seen in the news recently.
  5. If one may be so bold, as to ask why the illustrious coinz was banned (again) ?
    Was it for shameless pimping of xyz establishment, as may have occured in the past, (i dont read the fx forum much-ever) or was this based on the potentially tasteless "in the news today" thread?

    Or was this a preventive measure, after the big weener trade thread, which also lacked decorum to a degree?

    Ban SkalpZ, but NOT kingcobra, what gives? Who complained-and for what?

    I'll go on record, as having comlpained about king#f#q#cobrtfcf#t, can someone state how one is , evidently, better than the other?
    Just wondering.
    ET is great!!:D
  6. TGregg


    If you think KC should be banned, you should use the complain link on his posts.

    Since there seems to be public interest in why I banned Skalpz, I'll lay out the reasons. I won't be debating these reasons, comparing the things Skalpz did to anybody else or even be drawn into a discussion about this issue, since that cuts too much into my CC ranting time.

    Skalpz was banned for two reasons. First, he's a skater. He continues to test and retest the limits of the rules at ET, much like a skater skating ever closer to the edge of the ice. Skaters take up a large chunk of the administration's time, and there's a case to be made for flat out banning them. But that's not how we do things here.

    However, skaters draw more scrutiny than regular users and receive less tolerance for significant offenses.

    The reason this ban was implemented this time was because Scalpz had been warned about not posting MP3s to threads, yet continued to do so. The fact that he was a skater and ignored a warning resulted in his ban.

  7. The world needs many more "skaters"!

    Are these mp3's something you download from et? or do they just start playing when you open a thread?
  8. The following example illustrates how one could run afoul of ET's policy with respect to .mp3 posting. I set the autostart function to 'false' requiring an individual to click the play button to hear 'Skater Boy.'

    <embed src=" Sk8er Boi.wma" safehtml autostart="false" loop="3">

    - Spydertrader
  9. KingCobra (the hate monger) is allowed to spew his garbage here everyday...I just don't get it. :confused:

    And yes...I've used the complain button numerous times.
  10. Thanks. I have my sound muted while I'm on the internet, which is why I never knew about the mp3's.

    That could be as irritating as having a picture of a cadaver pop up in your face while scrolling.
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