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  1. of course obesity is a major problem, nothing new there. you dont have to look any further than the atkins threads on this board to see people are completely clueless about nutrition and its relation to health. look how people flock to these completely asinine ideas like atkins fad diets and actually believe the nonsense! lol. you gotta be pretty stupid or naive or both to actually believe you can eat all fat you want and stay healthy. lol. give me a break.. but people believe it like they believe the religious nonsense. generally i dont like new laws designed to protect me from myself but the looks like we need 'em to keep people from eating all of us into a bankrupt health system. i wish people would wake the freak up already..get a clue people :-/
  2. yeah that's a good point...

    considering the increasing popularity of atkins combined with skyrocketing health costs and the already unbelievable taxpayer cost of keeping these people alive, it seems like it will only get worse...can you imagine what the arteries of someone who's been eating >50% animal fat for 10 years would be like? it makes the holland tunnel at rush hour look uncongested...

    personally, atkins did the world a favor by dying...(sounds terrible, but so is his "diet")

    and i'm gonna get on my soapbox here and say that american society is totally fucked...people eating meat like crazy, driving around these unbelievably big vehicles, bullying around financially inferior countries, etc....historically it seems like most great societies ended (romans) when things got like they are now...
  3. agree about atkins bung but unfortunately half dozen more will rise up to take his place. lots of $$ in telling people what they want to hear whether its trading or diet fads or anything else. tell em what they want to hear and rake in the cash, couldnt be any easier.. I for one cant stomach it but for those with less scruples it's a gold mine. well ...they cant sucker me! I have an excellent crap detector on my shoulders and *I* am sucker PROOF! Ha! :-/
  4. Too many Americans are sadly fat weak turds who can't control thier consumption of food and have disastrous spending habits.

    Like Nancy said, just say no. I tell every telemarketer to go fuck off - literally.

    Dgabriel: 5'9", 130lbs, 7% body fat, 25% savings rate.

    These dumb fatsos buy a diet plan and then read it with a bag of chips and a beer.
  5. absolutely dg, these fad diet plans [that have no or little basis in nutritional science i might add] prey on this and the response is wholly predictable. for example, you always hear that the lawyers in this country are to blame for the unfair state of legal affairs and ridiculous awards and judgements BUT *I* have always said it is not the lawyers BUT the balme falls at the feet of the JURORS who allow themselves to be duped by smooth talk and rhetoric. and as it is with these people who succumb to the diet hucksters. :-/
  6. You call them just to tell them to fuck off?
  7. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest old are you guys? Guess you all were born with good metabolisms, low stress lives and you never had to gulp down whatever between jobs. Or eat whatever you could find because you are poor. I see "elitist snob" written all over this thread.
    My guess is you are all too young to know better.
  8. oh please quit making excuses for your bad eating habits. :D just a few short months ago [and probably right now as we speak] you were giving in [AGAIN] to your urges and gulping down atkins style fat-laden burgers, steaks and oodles of greasy cheese ripped from pizzas. lol. whats your latest excuse now sweetie -Atkins gave you a license to INDULGE and you eagerily accepted! Ha! :D
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    Hey...they always said "you are what you eat" LongShot......and seemingly you do not eat much besides fiber.

    Me, I love cheese and veggies. This diet is perfect for a diabetic and it makes me stay off insulin. Oh and yes I love shrimp....guess that makes me a shrimp, or a gouda. But you man, you are one big bowl of bran. LongShot the laxative
    :D :D

    (you know I love you)
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