BookTrader's new recentering feature!!

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  1. Just found this in the 908 notes:

    "Customer BookTrader Recentering.
    The Re-Center section of BookTrader configuration has been modified to allow you to specify the number of rows away from the current center the midpoint or last price must be before it will recenter."

    This is a very welcomed feature following a change that was made in 891. This should save a lot of repeated clicking to recenter throught the day.

    I would like to thank DAV at IB who I know was very helpful in pushing for this change.

    Thank you very much DAV.
  2. Evidently you're still using BookTrader despite the new requirement of clicking a confirmation box. What's your experience with that? What type of trading do you do?

  3. Hi OldTrader,

    Actually I'm still using 905 on my main trading computer. But I did download 906 on another computer to try out trading using the confirmation box in a paper trading account. Provided that the new box was working as it should in the paper trading account, I didn't find it to be that much of a problem. It opens in a position close enough to where your pointer last was to where you only have to move your mouse a mm or so to click the required button which is large enough in size. I trade futures and a second can be important. True, it was better before the confirmation box but I found no real inconveinence when trying it out. If someome requires no more than 0.2 or so seconds between clicks, it might be a problem.
    You might want to try it out in a paper trading account.

    The new recentering feature allows you to limit the moves in the ladder to 2 levels. And if there are no bugs in it, I'll put 908 on my trading computer. But I'll keep a copy of 905exe on hand just in case!!

    Hope this helps.

  4. >OldTrader

    Forgot to mention that I never place market orders. So that may make the new confirmation box less of a burden for me than for those who do place market orders.
  5. Actually I did try BookTrader with the confirmation box. I had the same impression as you did...the box came up roughly where my mouse was, so it was easy and quick to confirm. I too always use limit orders. I would say that those who are trying to scalp might have a problem with this. I'm not a "scalper" though. I'm going on vacation later in August, so I may try the new booktrader then if I need to make a trade, since I don't have my order entry software on my laptop.

    Thanks for the info.

  6. >Old Trader

    FYI I tried the new recentering feature today realtime alongside my trading computer and found it to work perfectly. I remember you saying once that you expand BookTrader from the top to the bottom of your screen. I know many people do that. But with the new recentering feature there's no longer a need to do so. You can reduce BookTrader's size significantly at gain a lot of screen space.

    There are still a few bugs in the BT setup, but the recentering feature works fine.

    Have a good vacation!
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    how does one get orders entered via an api or isw to appear in booktrader? ty