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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by CONR, Oct 16, 2008.

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    How many of you experience freeze ups with Booktrader? I placed a limit order today and it took it without a problem. As soon as the order got filled it froze. This has been happening more and more lately. I've reported to tech. support numerous times and they have no clue. Lately, I've contacted John Elaphontis, who I believe is head of tech. support. I've spoken on the phone with him several times and he doesn't even care.
  2. Happened to me twice today. Each time it lasted about 45 seconds - one minute. Unacceptable. I was lucky as hell I didn't have a position on either time. Unfortunately, it made me more tentative to put a trade on the rest of the day due to the consequences that could occur.
  3. it might be your pc or connection i had same problems with Thinkorswim couple times today and couple times this week, everything freezes up for 30-45 seconds. thats on dsl connection but i have another pc on comcast and it was working fine during the dsl freeze.
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    That's interesting. I wonder why that would be? I have DSL but I don't think that is the problem. What happens is when the oder gets filled the CPU usage and memory usage skyrocket to a point where it freezes. By the way I have a huge processor, RAM, etc.
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    What version of TWS are you running? Java? PC Operating System?

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    Version 4, build 886.5, Java 1.6.0_07, XP.

    I appreciate your offering to help but I went through all this with John Elaphontis at IB back in June and he had me send him a log every time it froze up. I sent him like 6 freeze up logs with no response what so ever. Basically they don't know what the problem is and apparently don't care.
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    OK. I'm running 886.3.

    I haven't had a problem but when watching the ES swings on Booktrader late this afternoon I did notice one pause. It was only a few seconds and it is possible things had hesitated just before making one of those breath-taking 5 point dips.

    Over the years I've noticed that IB is grossly negligent in providing feedback to us when we send logs, etc. They do eventually get things fixed. I think it's part of their risk management technique - never acknowledge a problem in writing and it's hard to lose a lawsuit. Lack of feedback does get one upset.

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    What's funny is I got a PM from John E. as soon as I started this thread. He asked me to contact him and I sent him the chain of emails between he and I from June reminding him who I am and haven't heard anything. I'm sure he's thinking, not me again.
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    Anyone experiencing the BookTrader freeze-up problem, please PM me. Thank you.
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    What happen to John E. and his PM to me? What about the trouble ticket I submitted? What, are you guys selective in who you work with? As I've said before, this has been going on since June. I send you guys logs like you ask and nobody does anything. What a joke.

    By the way, I plan on keeping this thread going updating the community as to how you guys resolve this.
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