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    Just bought Trading in the Zone and High Probability Trading. Anyone have any reviews on them. Are they work reading?

    I am a newer trader, trading the es and er. Also, does anyone have any good books or articles for incorporating volume in their trading styles?


  2. I love trading in the zone. Thats my official review!! Most traders I know put off reading it. Have you read both books yet?

    Check out these books on our recomended reading list.

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  3. Seriously,

    it is getting tiring that you can do nothing but point people to Puretick for everything.

    Why don't you try to be neutral sometimes?

    Puretick is hardly the prototype for all sites for everything about trading.

    That is part of what makes you SO annoying...
  4. Just wondering what is the significance of "pure" tick?

    Do you clean your ticks using Ivory soap? Are they wholesome ticks?
  5. No we use dove :)

    And rcanfiel, I've read and love every book on that list. I'm not going to retype the whole thing here. Its a link thats readily available the pertains to this post. So be all uppity about it if you want. :) Truth this I get praises and great emails from ET members each day. If 2% of them are negative, I can deal with that.


  6. Spectra I love everything about Douglas' book, but I highly disagree with 1 key point in the book. Paraphrasing Douglas he says entering a trade at any moment is independent of any other trade, whether there were 4 previous losses or not.

    I disagree and I am curious what your stats show on your own method. I believe in gaming theory to an extent, in that if you have good stats and enough data, let's say 100 trade atleast, you will see what your max string of consecutive losses are and then know with some certainty if you can expect a win or atleast B/E. Curious to see yours and other's input?
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    If you're interested in a diverse approach to market you can read books by Michael Jenkins

    Not the usual stuff but a different point of view about market structure, with special attention to the geometric and numerological aspects

    Happy reading:)