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  1. i'm interesting in finding 2 types of books and was wondering if anyone could suggest any good ones. First, i am looking for a good book on trading psychology..., and another book that teaches the market economy and how it relates to trading... for example, how to understand current events, market conditions, what a certain housing number, consumer report, interest rate hike might do to the overall market.... i was wondering if there would be a book that helps you understand the economy/current events and how they correlates to trading and the stock market....... so i can have a better understanding of what might affect the market in a certain way and gain a better understanding of how the market is going to react.
  2. i think i have amassed aproximately 30 trading and finance books in my library.
  3. normally i wouldn't have taken advice coming from "tank abbot" but damn, that second book you listed sounds real good for what i want to know.

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  4. Buy this book.

    Mind Over Markets
    Power Trading with Market-Generated Information
    by James Dalton , Eric Jones and Robert Dalton

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    The best book, no exceptions, is Bill O'Neill's "How to make money in the stockmarket"...

    O'Neill, unlike many writers, actually trades, holds a NYSE seat, publishes a newspaper SOLELY on stocks, Investor Business Daily, IBD....

    When you see people talking about a group being strong...that grouping is published by IBD....

    O'Neill also, most importantly, advises a very large number of institutional investors regarding market conditions....

    He explains how fundamental and technical aspects work together to identify stocks that are going to increase in value...

    Just a good basic understanding of how the market works on a day to day


    ps: He is not my uncle, LOL
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    I say both "Trading in The Zone" and "Mind Over Markets" are among the top of my of trading books. I also like Steenbarger's new book "Enhancing Trader Performance".