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  1. Hey Baron

    How about starting a trading books thread. There is a lot of garbage out there. It would be nice to have something to help weed out what is and isn't good.

  2. Vienna


    Anybody knows about a very simple book about EDAT trading? Really just the points about order entry etc., bare bones. Or, even better, a few pages or a tutorial on how to use the technology? I know there are great books from Tharp, Schwager, Elder etc,- this is just a specific question to shorten my learning curve- I just got an EDAT system (MB Trading). Thanks
  3. I hate to acknowledge it but, "The Idiot's Guide to
    Electronic Daytrading" is pretty good. The basics are well written in it.

    It also sounds like Baron's course might have some value. Anyone care to comment on it.

  4. Baron

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    I like the book review idea, but I'm wondering if that should be a forum within the message board or a completely separate section of the site. The reason why I'm thinking this way is because it would be nice to have a standardized way of reviewing books, like we have with the brokers ratings, so that the format of each review is consistent. If it was done under the message board, it would sort of be a free-for-all from a consistency standpoint. What do you think?

  5. I need to get away for a break, but once I start talking I can't stop sometimes.

    Baron that's why I brought it up. I think it deserves a seperate section, not a thread. Look at the interactive brokers thread. It's getting so long, I still haven't read the big chuck in the middle of it, which I'll get around to. The problem is when enough book reviews are written it will be hard to go through them all on this board if it's in a message format.

    Problem is there are sooooooo many books. A lot of them cost some a pretty penny. To have something like the brokers thread on all of them would take forever to look at.

    Ok, I'm turning off my computer now, I'm spending too much time on it.
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    Good idea guys;
    Like the idea of a book review section. ,selecting a new book- not only can it be expensive, but repititive. For a relative novice like myself, having a source of unbiased reviews would be a time and money saver. Read some O'Neil,Elder, Schwager-working on candlestick charting techniques by steve nison- and will be getting "Financial Freedom from Electronic Daytrading" next, although I'm not a day-trader. A review section that can separate the wheat from the chaff will save a lot of folks, like myself, time and shorten the learning curve.
  7. Baron

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    Implementing a book review system shouldn't be too difficult. What I need help on is determining approximately five different metrics by which a book can be rated. In addition to a written review, a reviewer would rate a book on a scale of one to five in these areas, which would enable a site visitor to see at a glance where the strong and weak points are.

    For example, a couple of areas might be:

    "Useful Strategies"
    "Original Material"
    "Overall Value"

    These of course, are not set in stone at all. I need some other suggestions so anyone's input would be greatly appreciated. The quicker the better :)


  8. sowterdad


    Hi Baron,
    On book review: a few thoughts.
    Suitable for which target audience? Beginner, Novice, Advanced (covered in the written review?)
    Is the book written with clarity, comprehensive with adequate detail? (covered in the written review?)

    Would the reader recommend this book to others?(covered by: overall value)

    Looking forward to this feature.

  9. Baron glad you liked my idea. It's going to be a task though for awhile to post all of the trading books up.

    Another thought is eventually courses, seminars and such.
    There is absolutely no rating system on different courses, and trading seminars that I know of. Just word of mouth, and I know enough to evaluate a speaker's knowledge of trading.

    Beginner, novice , advanced, or all of the above (some cover everything_some just beginning__some just for someone like me who has been trading for years.

    "Useful Strategies"
    "Original Material"
    "Overall Value"

    I agree clarity is another one.

    a star rating system? like

    I notice the really good books get either fantasic reviews or the reader just doesn't understand the material and a really horrible review.

    maybe keypoints? something reader learned from book?

    an area to write a brief summary.

    Just brianstorming. Seems to be something I'm good at.
    Glad to hear you are taking this up.
    By the way the person who asked about Van Tharp's new book, give it another week or 2 as it is still hitting bookshelves. I won't give my opinion as it will be biased. I can summarize the keypoints in it though if you wish.

    Robert Tharp
  10. topmo


    Hi, Great idea about book recommendations....while you're getting it going, I'd like to recommend the two best books I've read on trading this past year. They are both very easy to understand and are suitable (in my opinion) for novices and experts alike. They abound in techniques to make your trading more profitable. "A beginner's guide to day trading online" by Toni Turner.....A great book! I became profitable consistently after reading this exceptional book and it's only about $12 at Amazon. Also, Tony Oz's new book..."The Stock Trader"....what a great book and a good way to get "into the mind" of a successful trader. More expensive than the other book, well worth the investment
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