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  1. soler


    books on psychology of trading...

    2 I've been told of are both by ari kiev.

    trading to win
    trading in the zone

    which is better?

    are there others that people would suggest?
  2. ozzy


    Trading in the zone isn't that by Douglas? It's sitting on my shelf begging me to read it.
  3. soler


    they both wrote one.
  4. Many would suggest that Douglas's Trading in the Zone was better for a retail trader than Kiev's which tends to focus on stories about big name big noters in the pro business.

    Personally I like Douglas's The Disciplined Trader better than TiTZ.
  5. Read Ruth Roosevelt
  6. I'd rather do a few other things with her. :D
  7. =======

    Dr.Van Tharp books excel ;
    and including more than psychology-Jack Schwager books.:cool:
  8. lol lilboy ... the talk is great .... better than the books :)