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  1. Hi, I might start a training program in about a month, I want to be ahead!! I want to have some books in order to be a step ahead....

    I need to know some titles, whatever could be very usefull for PROPRIETARY TRADERS.

    I read already:

    - Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
    - Market Wizards
    - New Market Wizards
    - Nassar

    I want to have something more technical.......
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    The last one you could safely leave out. There is also an Equities Wizard book. Two you _MUST_ add are the Douglas books. I would read (or browse) one of the Murphy books. Just to round out your education, one of the McMillan books on Options.

    IMHO, there are no others (maybe Tharps book. Own it, haven't read it)


    PS I also greatly enjoyed "When Genius Failed" Roger Lowenstein
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    See the only books I've found helpful at my webpage:

    I've carefully constructed this, it's tough to make it on my list:)
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  5. Trading for a living _ Alexander Elder
  6. Quite safely, yes.
  7. Books by Tharp, Oz and Farley...
  8. Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas is a pretty good book.
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    Add "Master Swing Trader" by Alan Farley to the list...

    - Greg
  10. If you want something technical, read either
    Martin Pring Tech. Analysis explained
    or a book by Prechter on Elliott Wave.

    These are not fun reads, but very detailed.

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