Books We'll Never See

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  1. Hapaboy: Go ahead! Call me anything you want!

    msfe: Facing Up to Your Own Country's Problems - A Primer

    Fluidity: How to Express Yourself Clearly and Politely, (published
    in Australia as You Only Get One Chance to Make a
    Good Impression)

    Dgabriel: Common Sense

    RS7: Dubya and I, a Love Story

    Candletrader: How to Win Friends & Influence People

    T M Direct: I'm Serious. I Really Do Hate You.

    Madison: Snap Out of It! Big Brother is NOT Watching You!

    BobCathy1: Androgyny - It Ain't All Bad

    MondoTrader: Winning Arguments - It Starts With Hard Data

    ElCubano - Don't Argue Just For the Sake of Arguing.

    Optional 777 - Derrick Coleman: A Portrait of the Best to Ever
    Lace 'Em Up

    KymarFye - Politics Schmoliticks! Pass the Bean Dip!

    Canyonman00 - How Gore was Robbed in '00.

    bungrider: The Republican Tax Plan - Economic Genius

    WDGann: Quit Your Whining, it's Pathetic!

    freealways: Saying What You Mean in 10 Words or Less

    Baron: The Pros of Having a Chit Chat section on your Website

    Daniel-M: Ya Know, I Thought About it And Killing Does Bother Me,
    I Think.
  2. Actually, the title of the thread should have been:

    Books That'll Never Sell
  3. Hey! Quit your whining! It's pathetic!
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  5. You left out:

    My Life As A Gay Nazi by Wild
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    How about "My Obsession With Babak" by Vinny
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  9. "FRuiTY PeBBLe Unmasked" by FRuiTY PeBBLe

    FRuiTY PeBBLe
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    Also don't forget to get a copy of the NY TIMES best seller:

    "KG and I, a Gay Wedding" Optional777
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