Books & Stuff for sale!!!Connors/dinapoli

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sterling, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. HI

    I have some of the best books ever written on trading for sale.

    Trading With Dinapoli Levels by Al Dinapoli. I've already got this book this on Ebay. If your interested look up number 1584876852.

    Street Smarts by Laurence Connors. I havnt put this on ebay yet, if anyone wants to give me an offer. Like new!!

    I also have a Sealed Full version of Windows XP PROfessional with registration. Its a promotional version but its the best deal your gonna find! Best offer?
  2. tampa


    Al's work is fantastic - I have all of Al's books...
  3. mgkrebs


    Yes, Al's work is really great. Al is Joe's cousin. Little known fact is that Al's work revolves around the work of Bert Fibonacci, 3rd cousin, once removed, of the more famous Leonardo Fibonacci.
  4. Its nice to know other people here are reading some decent trading books. I get tired of hearing people here rant and rave over books i have used as tinder for my barbecue grill.

  5. How come you are selling such great books? I find it difficult disposing of trading books, even those of questionable quality!
  6. SPRo

    I'm moving out of state and to a much smaller place. I have quite a book collection. Probably spent over 5000 dollars on trading books alone. Theres a big charity book fair held in my city and thats where most em will be going tomorrow. I can only take one case of trading books. Street Smarts is a terrific book, but I have all those patterns on diskette and don't really need the book. I also have Joes Dinapolis Fibnodes and CIS software so the book really isnt needed, either. With winter coming, I'm trading in my books and heading for warmer climates.
  7. Mgkrebs

    LOL I tried to edit my post but it was too late. Its all in duh family.