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  1. Here's another line of thinking. I have seen traders on this board carefully micro-analyze the the claims of anyone with a miraculous trading system. I believe that it is okay to do the same with religious systems as well. And, if this super-Cray in our skulls is actually fashioned by Design, then why not use it to find the Designer?

    My two cents: there’s only one religion that matches well with current cosmology (a hot Big Bang), geology and archeology. Why not lean towards the one that correctly acknowledges the Master Physicist…
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  2. Dan,

    Imagine for a sec that your mind is a movie screen and flashing across it are all your thoughts, emotions, impressions left by previous experiences etc etc. You can get as rational and apply as much critical observation as you want but as hard as you try that movie is still going to affect you.

    Detachment is attaining a state where watching the movie won't affect you. You'll be free to act unencumbered.

    re the minor side affects, I was being sarcastic!

    The best way I know to get it is meditation.


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  3. Just registered and have a five year plan to raise capital and become a day trader. I have read Dr. Tharp's book, Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading. I believe I should start on the psychology of trading to begin my training. I have read some good things about Dr. Kiev. Looking to buy his book, The Psychology Of Risk. Any comments?? Also what is the deal with Dr. Kiev and the other fellow having the same book, Trading In The Zone?? I noticed the copyrights are 1 month apart.
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