Books on technical analysis that have simple trading systems in them

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  1. Anyone know any books on technical analysis that have simple trading systems with well defined entry and exit points in them?
    Was thinking about something along the lines of moving averages crossovers.
  2. Am looking for something that I can trade manually to hone my execution skills
  3. wouldn't you rather have something that works?
  4. while not entirely dedicated to trading systems or TA (it has systems examples in the back). Michael Covel's trend following book has a moving average crossover example system in the back you can try to replicate and compare results to.
  5. other suggestions are welcome of course
  6. thanks, will take a look at it.
  7. what should i order?

    1)How to Triple Your Money Every Year with Stock Index Futures: Self-Teaching Day Trading Technical System for Predicting Tomorrow's Prices and Profits by George Angell
    2) New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems (Hardcover)
    by J. Welles Wilder
    3)Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications (New York Institute of Finance) by John J. Murph
    4)Trident A Trading Strategy
    Author(s): Charles L. Lindsay
    5) A Comparison of Twelve Technical Trading Systems
    Author(s): Louis Lukac Wade Brorsen Scott Irwin
    6) Winning Market Systems
    83 Ways to Beat the Market
    Author(s): Gerald Appel
    7)Trading System Analysis
    Author(s): Robert Barnes
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    Gerald Appel makes a lot of sense for investment style systems (imo)
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    I second that opionion,, and not just his MACD
  10. thanks vikana and eddiefl,

    are there usable (simple) systems in that book?
    looking for intraday (not scalping though) or couple of days max timeframes
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