books on positive thinking?

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  1. hello. searching for some new books on positive thinking,positive attitude and stuff like that. it doesnt have to be about trading.
    thanks very much:)
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  3. The classic:
    Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill

    Hard to find and slightly spiritual:
    What You Think of Me is None of My Business, Terry Cole-Whitaker
  4. the anti worry books are a good idea. positive with a spiritual aspect i find are also pretty good."zen" ideas but not commercial types when i can find them also can have good ideas.
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  6. Check Amazon for Secrets of a Successful Marriage By John Wayne Bobbit
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    Many of the books in this genre frequently feel a need to bring in the author's views on (or importance of) religion. While this obviously helps many people, it's not for everyone.

    A book I enjoyed, which has minimal spritual additions, is The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz.

    If you haven't read the 3 Wizard's books by Schwager, I'd recommend them also. They do a good job of pushing me .... :cool:
  8. Be careful about going too "spiritual." You may or may not find unnecessary complexity and bias without an empirical basis. For example, say you wanted to learn how to meditate. You could spend considerable effort going the so-called "spiritual" route, or you could simply apply a couple of basic principles as outlined in this groundbreaking little book from the 1970s written by a member of the mainstream medical community:

    I am not discounting the value of "spiritual" experience. In fact, any of the 3 books I suggested may (or may not) get you there. Rather, I just have issues with the term being used too loosely. I find that it gives the user poetic license to say pretty much whatever he wants to say without any accountability. Just a personal bias.
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