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    just registered, reside in Canada and I am looking for a good book that I want to purchase for a family member.

    I have read reviews on ebay, amazon etc but it's pretty well split some good some bad getting nowhere so I came here for some help people with experience.

    for your time and help
    greatly appreciated
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    The best 5 minutes introduction to options:

    Be sure to read the post by @tommcginnis :thumbsup:

    I use the following books as my references:

    1. Lawrence McMillan: Options As A Strategic Investment. This is my first serious book on options. If you read it cover to cover, you will get a good appreciation of all the different options, the strategies of each and if you are math inclined, it even has several chapters on the math of options.

    2. Colin Bennett: Trading Volatility, Correlation, Term Structure and Skew. sle mentioned this book and I found it very insightful. You can find more specific practices and approaches compared to McMillan.

    3. John C Hull, Options, Futures And Other Derivatives. I just bought this book and am in the middle of reading it, cannot comment on it yet.

    4. Tomas Bjork: Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time. I bought it based on someone here recommended the book. It was a mistake for me. You need a PhD in Mathematics to be able to understand the equations. But if you do you will become a real expert in option theory.

    Welcome and best wishes to you
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    What they said, plus Trading Volatility by Euan Sinclair (or is it Volatility Trading?)
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    ... and while trading is fun, it also good to brush up your math on option pricing. I found Espen Gaarder Haug's 'Complete Guide to Option Pricing Formulas' incredibly useful.

    Cheers, Felix
  7. This one used to be recommended a lot. Maybe it is out of print? Basic, but useful imho.

    Option Volatility and Pricing by Sheldon Natenberg.
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    The Bible is Dynamic Hedging.
    Espen Haug's Models on Models is timeless as well.
  9. When I got into options at the end of the year I read whatever free pdf books I could find online. I especially remember Get Rich with Options by Lee Lowell fondly, I sort of based my trading system on it.
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    In addition to what's been said, Advanced Equity Derivatives by Sebastian Bossu has some useful information.
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