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Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by seesound, May 27, 2005.

  1. seesound


    Hi there. could you recommend some great books you think on money management? more apprecaited if the list covers from the beginner level to professional.

    Also by the way, I want to purchase one of the books written by Thomas stridsman. Which one is better?

    the older one: Trading Systems That Work

    or t

    the recent one: Trading Systems and Money Management

    Thank you in advance.
  2. I have both of them. I found free resources at Seykotas site, and a version of Van Tharps Trade your way to financial freedom available in pdf online. Also turtleRules has some money management if you do futures.

    I found though both are ok books, that I have wasted their potential not having TradeStation. All code for samples and systems is in Tradestation. I use different software

    But by all means, if you have tradestation, buy the books, otherwise you could be better served looking under money management at Amazon