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  1. I am a newbie to forex trading. Can someone recommend a few good books on Forex trading. Thanks.

    - Clearpicks
  2. Sorry to plug Soros again (maybe someone will accuse me of being him) but the best reading I have ever done on currencies is in his book "The Alchemy of Finance".
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    The Alchemy of Finince
    The Money Bazaar
    The Vandal's Crown
    Trading in the Global Currency Market
    Elliot Wave Principle Applied to the Foreign Exchange Markets
  4. I was curious what information exactly has enabled you to form the conclusion that it's a "good book"? It's not out yet. Or are you judging a book by its cover?
  5. How was this Book Deptrai? I am thinking of picking it up.
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    It is a good read and should be read by all of those who desire to be the elite 1% of all forex traders. It is written by Robert Balan, the Elliot Wave forex guru. In the 80s and 90s, he had a big following among interbank and private traders in forex. Back in '97, I remember discussing Robert Balan with a former currency trader from BNP who had come to join the same currency firm as me. The book is out of print though.
  7. I'll pick it up today :)

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    The following books are for those who have 1) an openmind 2) like to think 3) are willing to work hard and 4) would like to learn more about the Elliot Wave theory so they can add it to their arsenal:

    Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders
    Elliot Wave Principle
    Mastering Elliot Wave

    The last book is a hard read. So read the first 2 and the book by Balan and if you like the Elliot Wave Theory, then read the last book. Remember, nothing worth having in life is easy and nothing worth having in life is free.


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