books on ag spreads?

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  1. hi there. any ideas on books about trading spreads? my target at first will be cattle futures spreads and lean hogs for starters. no options right now. thanx very much!
  2. Jake Bernstein has a book that was published 20 years ago or more. Probably out print though. I can't remember the name.

    "Commodity Spread Analysis" Courtney Smith. I have read it.

    "Commodity Spreads" also by Smith. I have also read this one.

    "Futures Spread Trading: The complete Guide" Courtney Smith. I like the authors work.

    "The Complete Guide To Futures Markets: By Jack Schwager is a good book that covers everyting.

    "The Complete Guide To Spread Trading" Keith Schapp. Good Book. Covers alot.
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  5. thanx very much!
  6. I looked thru the Schapp book at a B&N but I didn't find it that useful ... beyond some definitions and simple calcualtion of P&L (dhuh!), it was not much I didn't buy.
  7. Kallard has the best (well rated by the editor and but lesser popular/read)
    "Kallard presents powerful, low-risk strategies for making huge profits trading futures. First learn the author's favorite (read ag and meants) classic spreads in traditional markets, then discover exciting new spread strategies for today's newest and hottest markets. Included are specific strategies for reaping large profits in stock indexes, energy (gas and crude oil), precious metals, interest rate instruments and foreign currencies. "
    with that book and mrci database and research you cannot lose much. Also try to get a good spread broker - it is worth alot more than a book.
  8. who do you suggest for a broker? first i want to read a bunch then get a brkoker. alaron has been suggested before.any others? thanx
  9. are you thinking of ...

    Seasonality : Systems, Strategies, and Signals (Wiley Trading) (Hardcover) - Jake Bernstein
    -this one is from 1998 - (I haven't read it)

    Anyone who can comment on...

    Ultra-Reliable Seasonal Trades (Hardcover)
    by John Momsen

    is it any good?