Books, Instruction, and Software: Suggest!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Crissa, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Crissa


    There seems to be a few pretty good posters here, and alot of suggestions.

    Without harshing on each other, can you make suggestions? Give your basic opinion on how you found it useful, and what you need to use it:

    'Title' - Martin Yan - thrilling novella about food trading.
    'Software' - company - requires a really advanced PC, at least 4Ghz Intelcore, costs $$ a year plus $$$$ initial down.

    Telling me you read something and it sounds insane is probably not useful, but on the other hand, knowing a book was about some guy's trading experience in the internet bubble is useful - because I know I don't need to read it.

    I've been digging around for book suggestions; looking at maybe a candlestick manual and something on option trade theory, personally. Anything that realizes we're in a sideways (depression) style market like the 30's, 70's, etc. is useful as well. (admittedly, this is the first one in which average wages hasn't grown with, as that grew from 30 to the end of the 70's stagnation)