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    I have the following books for sale. All are in great condition, as I always keep my books that way. All are like new except for the Schwager book in the list. It has very minor wear on it. If anyone wants the whole lot, I will pay for the shipping, otherwise, shipping is $2 per book.

    Options as a Strategic Investment 3rd Edition (Hardcover) - McMillan - $40
    Trading Classic Chart Patterns (Hardcover) - Bulkowski - $50
    Trading in the Zone (Hardcover) - Douglas - $20
    Value-Based Power Trading (Hardcover) - Jones - $50 (amazon lists for $200+ -- they are nuts!)
    Getting Started in Technical Analysis (Softcover) - Schwager - $5

    Please PM me, or reply to this thread. Thanks.
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    ok, it seems no one is interested. if you feel prices are too high (hey, they are better than amazon!) then let me know. always willing to negotiate reasonable prices.
  3. the force

    the force

    How can I be certain that u will send the book I want once I pay u?
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    Ah, yes, you have a good point. Well, we could rely on good 'ol honesty, or perhaps paypal. Doesn't paypal allow one to get their money back if they don't receive the merchandise? I don't know. But, it goes both ways, as you know. How do I know you will send me the money if I send you a book? There is no way of knowing!

    So, I guess I will have to find some other way of selling them.
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    I have taken the books here and now listed them at amazon. Now you have a sense of "security" in buying.

    The only book I didn't list in scwagers. If you want this, I will send you the book and once received, you can send me the money. The low price on this one is not worth the listing on amazon. Maybe I'll use it as fire starter if no one wants it.
  6. Hey recently i bought this book at someother place.Trading Classic Chart Patterns (Hardcover) - Bulkowski