Books Better than Dale Carnegie's "How To Influence People"?

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  1. everybody at least heard about Dale Carnegie's "How To Win Friends and Influence People". does anybody have good suggestions about other similar books you like?
  2. Think and Grow Rich Napolean Hill. I believe you with get more from NLP though these days. Yes its good to read the classic some things don't change but alot has in 100 years.

    Here's one I learned from my studies. Charles Schwab offered a consultant any amount of money to figure out how to get more done in day. Ivy Lee told him to list the next days priorities and rank them. You have to stay on task 1 until completed then go to 2 and so on. Schwab sent him a check for 25k and said that was the most valuable lesson he ever learned.
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    In the process of reading the classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People". I certainly agree with a lot I have read so far.
  4. Tony Robbins. Ultimate power.
  5. "His friends and supporters were also rich and famous people. Names like Michael Douglas, Andre Agassi, Quincy Jones, and many others helped him and publicly endorsed his beliefs. He has also been associated with other famous people, like Nelson Mandella and Princess Diana. It was his moment of the highest glory, but that was also the time when he announced that he was going to divorce his wife Becky, the woman that supported him the whole time, for whom he wrote a book and that appeared on many of his tapes. This divorce had also upset his fans because it was against the things he preached through his books and tapes. He had often used his marriage as an example for others that happy relations could exist and last according to his teachings."

    can't trust this guy
  6. My favorite is Thomas Stanley's audio book "Networking With Millionaires".
  7. Carnegie also divorced his first wife. He then stayed married for 11 years to his second wife (over 20 years his junior) until he... committed suicide (or at least was widely rumored to).

    I think is best to look at the message, not the messenger (think Martin Luther King, etc.)
  8. It is always fun to see another humor based thread in this forum.

    Most people are frightened of knowing themselves.

    So, to take this thread off topic, here are six books no one has cracked. They are in a rough order.

    1 "First, Break All the Rules",

    2. "Now, Discover Your Strengths"

    3. "The Brain That Changes Itself",

    4. "Brain Fitness Program",

    5. "The Visual Display of Quantitative Informtion", and

    6. "Envisioning Information".
  9. Jack, just how do any of those "brain builder" books help you in interpersonal relationships, charisma and influencing people?

    The answer is, THEY DON"T.

    Not all of us are hermit traders--- read the title of this thread.