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  1. Does anybody know if there is a site that you could list software like tradestation and pre written trading systems for sale I'm not interested in Ebay I am looking for a site that specialize in trading also books.
  2. Look I misspelled software
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    Not sure about software but i've seen used trading books on amazon.
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    I don't know about software either but I recently bought books on . They were cheap as dirt, had a huge selection, and I got the books very quickly. In short, they are the best.
  5. The reason I started this tread is I have a ton of books and software I want to sell some is old and not available anymore and some is new. I'm looking for a site I could list it all that is for traders.
  6. I bought a lot of my stuff at the link you gave. But when I bought it they were a mail order catalog. Thanks for the link I never knew they had a site.
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    Can't you list the stuff you have to sell here? Or is that against forum rules?
  9. Yes we will be able to sell things here in a few weeks just look under the thread classified adds. Baron is going to set it up. Can't wait
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    I dont know about TradersLibrary. Their books do seem cheap. Service seems rather poor though - at least that is what I have
    have experienced. Maybe you were lucky!.
    I placed five separate orders on 15/02/2002 totalling $700.
    Sent them an email on Tues 19/02/2002 asking them the
    status. Received a reply back on Fri 22/02/2002 saying that the
    orders would be despatched that evening or on Mon 25/02/2002
    and I would get a confirmation email by the end of the Fri or
    the Mon. Still waiting for confirmation..... ho hum...
    Sent them an email yesterday again asking for confirmation - no
    reply back so far. Also tried to phone them yesterday but their
    phone system is only designed to take you to place orders or
    for you to enter a direct extension number.

    I dont mind the wait as long as I know what is going on - and so
    far I dont!!

    I am not very happy so far and may not order from them again.

    I should say that I am ordering from UK but maybe that is why I am being taken advantage of thus far.



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