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  1. My interest in Cryptocurrencies has been renewed recently.
    I want to learn more about them so I have searched for a few books on Amazon.

    I have decided to order these, based on reviews and comments from others:


    But I also want to know what is a good forum for cryptos so I can learn more and ask questions?

    I searched online for 'most popular forums for cryptocurrencies and similar searches, but most of the sites I found, looked like they were dead. Maybe the topic is just not that popular.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for books or forums?

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    I find coin forums useless, they contain "die-hard" fans who think their coin is going to the "moon" and they cut and paste news information that favors their opinion. You can visit these forums now or in the six months and nothing changed, same arguments and lack of facts.
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    So why do you want to know more about cryptos? Just general interest or you want to use the info as a trading/investment guide? Because if the later The Madness of the Crowds is what you are looking for.
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  4. Yeah, I picked up on a bit of that when I was searching them.

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  5. Because, I honestly think that the Euro is on its way out.

    I think that DB has already failed, its just being propped up.
    And if the UK leaves the EU, it will create additional problems for the EU.
    The UK is the number one market (outside of Germany) for German made cars. If they have to pay an import tax on cars exported from Germany, it is going to hurt their market. German cars are the number one export market for Germany. Exports constitute 45% of Germany's GDP. And Germany is responsible for 20% of the EU's GDP. Britain is good for 15%. Britain does not use the Euro, but if they leave the EU, I have to believe that it will have a negative impact on the EU. And then we have Italy and Greece. The problems in the EU are not going to go away and they won't improve. The EU is a failed experiment, and the Euro is doomed.

    And I don't think that China is doing much better.

    When they fail, they will send their money to the U.S for safe keeping in bonds and the markets. If they can't get their money out of the country (especially China) they will put it in cryptos, store it on a Ledger Nano, put it on their keychain and leave the country with it.

    Cryptos will never replace the dollar. But, I can see a time (20-30 years from now ) when cash will be faded out. Cryptos offer the advantage of being able to track the movement of money from point to point. It will eliminate income tax evasion, counterfeiting currency, money laundering and perhaps even govt corruption.

    Bitcoin and Ripple will never replace the dollar, but it might might become popular in Africa or nations like Venezuela (1MN% inflation last year.......50% a month this year) that have unstable economies.

    I don't think they are going away.

    BTW, I have the book you suggested on my wish list with amazon. It's been there since Christmas. Maybe I should read it.
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  6. If you are looking for the forums to read about cryptocurrency news and ask questions, I recommend to check a collection on This list includes many good and helpful sources. I hope, this info will be helpful for you!
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  7. Thanks Nikole, I'll check it out tonight !
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    The crypto forums on Reddit:

    r/bitcoin is for circle jerkers. Any criticism is banned. Not good for serious discussion.
    r/btc is for real. It is mostly for the BCH folks, but you can ask any questions and you won't be laughed at or banned.
    r/bitcoinmarkets is for traders of crypto.
    r/buttcoin is for fun and real criticism of BTC. You will get the negative news here first. They don't like to acknowledge any positive sides of cryptos though.

    And of course any other crypto has its own subreddit like r/ethereum, r/litecoin etc.

    The general one is r/cryptocurrency

    I would prefer forums to books, because they are up to date, searchable and interacting with you.
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  9. Some books that i have read and i would further suggest are -
    “Cryptoassets” by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar
    “Cryptocurrency” by Abraham K White
    “Mastering bitcoin” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

    Apart from that bitcointalk is a good forum to learn about cryptos
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    Some books that I suggest are "The art of thinking clearly" by Rolf Dobelli and "Crypto-assets" by Chris Burniske&Jack Tatar
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