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  1. I am culling my trading library. Here is what I am selling as a set:

    1. Modeling Maximum Trading Profits with C plus plus with CD $90.00

    2. CPM metals yearbook 2006 $150

    3. CPM metals yearbook 2007 $150

    4. CPM gold handbook 2007 $150

    5. CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity prices with CD 2006 $200.00 (this book and CD is a MUST for commodity researchers)

    6. The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics ---$95.00

    7. Practical Speculation--- $27.00

    All of these, except Practical Speculation, are in great, almost new shape.

    OVER $700.00 worth of books for $250.00 shipping included.

    These will only be sold as a set, no individual sales.


  2. You're hardcore surf.

    Just set up a paypal account for donations if you're hurting. I'll send you $10 or so. Not much, because I am still pissed deep down over Timmaygate (you getting me banned as Darkside over the Marketsurfer/Timmay love triangle suicide poll) but you get enough of those $10 donations and it'll add up.

    Good luck old chum.

  3. :D :D

    just lightening the load a little...... i have 100's of market, trading, econ. books in my home library.

    no worries buddy, thanks for your concern.
  4. Did you already spend all the money you got from selling the monkey?

    You are really going through the money fast!

    Get help before it is too late.
  5. You guys are hysterical. :p

    I'll take:

    1) Practical Speculation for $1.00 and
    2) The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics for $49.00.

    The whole she-bang for $50.00

    Let's do it through paypal, easy as pie.

    I'm serious. :cool:

  6. No answer huh?

    That's the price that Amazon gave me for'em.
  7. PM sent
  8. You're hilarious, surf. You just seem to live in your own little world.

  9. My apologies to Surf. I am guilty of not reading his complete post, and thought that the prices he quoted were what he was looking to get for each book. I failed to read the end of his post where he says he would accept $250 for the whole batch. Based on Amazon used prices, that wouldn't be such a bad deal. My bad. :(
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