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  1. I ue book trader in IB, any reason you guys use button trader or similar systems? thoughts appreciated. thanks
  2. On a bracket trade can booktrader have different stop and target amounts? From what I read the stop and target are the same.
  3. i think u r correct.

    that's a good one.

    this way if IB is down, hopefully orders are with the exchange?
  4. I have not tried Booktrader for awhile so I dont know if its improved or not but I did not like it. I find Buttontrader to be much more user friendly. Making changes and getting out of trades instantly are very simple as is setting up fairly complex strategies. It only costs me about a buck a day and I wouldnt be without it. I imagine Booktrader will gradually get better and I may switch some if it becomes equal to Buttontrader. I wish they would set up a simulated version to practice on so I could check it out at intervals to see how they compare.
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    You can configure any offset you like for the Stop and Target in Book Trader. They do not need to be the same. Book Trader has a new advanced more where all bracket components are visible on the ladder and are easy to modify by mouse or keyboard.
  6. Thanks DAV that was what I was asking about. I'll read up and play with it tonight, it looks good though. I'm using bracket trader but it has some quirks I don't really like. Hopefully booktrader will do what I need now.
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    I much prefer BookTrader. In fact I love it and can't see why anyone would look for a third party front end. The new advanced mode is the icing on the cake.
  8. I must be missing something here. How does one activate the new "advanced" mode? TIA ...
  9. I never heard of any of them.
  10. This is available in the newest TWS version (just recently made available for the standalone). I believe that if you go to configure and settings (for booktrader) you will see the various (3) options to choose at the top.

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