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  1. Is there anyone know how can I configure the buttons in book trader so that when I click those BUY/SELL buttons the orders are instantly transmitted to the exchanges without the need to click "T"? I still prefer to explicitly transmit the orders by clicking the "T" button if an order is created by mouse clicking in TWS main window. However for book trader, I see no reason not to inmediately transmit the orders since there already is a "Armed" button to pretect the user from clicking on the window unintentionally. Another minor question is how can I move those buttons in book trader to the bottom of the book trader window?

    - Clearpicks
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    I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. If you do not want to click on "T" then why not just click on the yellow/green columns which means you will send in an order at that price instantaneously - i.e. one mouse click.
  3. I follow my trading signals in esignal which are generated with different stop distances under different scenarios. Using those buttons in the booktrader it is possible to send out stop loss and target orders at the same time. I predefine those buttons with different stop/target offsets. Therefore different buttons corespond to different strategies. Clicking on those yellow/green columns is error prone and it is not easy to implement various "strategies" with a single mouse click. Another reason is that I don't use the DOM in the booktrader at all. Therefore I'd like to hide the DOM to avoid distraction and save screen area.

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    If Book Trader(BT) could be changed to have separate defaults for the high and low side bracket orders (currently set thru Configuration screen for all bracket orders) part of the problem could be solved. At this time the "bracket" is equidistant from the execution price. An ability to set the high and low brackets independently would provide some of the desired functionality. Opening a BT window for each traded item solves another part. However to completely solve the problem each BT would need to be able to have its brackets set independent of any other BT window and have independent high and low brackets. This capability would cover the volatility differences between tradables.
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    Ok. When you configure the buttons, right at the bottom of the configuration page, there is a tick box that you can select which "Transmit the order instantaneously". That should do what you want.
    (There is no way to move the buttons to the bottom)
  6. Try zeroline Trader It's a front end for IB that takes care of most of the functionality problems of book trader and the main window of IB. The sim is free, the real version has a 30 day free trial, and it's $60 bucks a year. It allows you to specify different strategies (stop loss, targets & trailing stops) and to have those strategies initiate automatically when you enter a position (OCA). You can do this from book trader or the main window; it's one click from the DOM and I think you can do it one click from the main window.


  7. Steve,

    Thanks. That tick box was hiden because the configuration window was not high enough (I didn't find it out because it was the only line hiden).

    - Clearpicks

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    I use booktrader along with their data page to transmit orders

    what i find difficult with booktrader is sometimes in fast markets i have tried putting in limit orders and the market moves to fast and my order does not get filled so i have to cancel and replace a few times.. what most likely happens is i get a horrible price or the the market made its move and i lose out.

    want i want BT to so is either put in a limit at the offer of a market at the offer and place a bracket order up and down to protect me against losses..

    does IB have the option to add hot key feature on BT automatically i believe ninja and button trader can do this.

    what i have learned is that i have to do multiple steps to put in bracket orders which take to long and i lose my concentration on other data i should have been looking at
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    Does anyone use four book traders (S&P, Dow, NAS, and Rus? Does anyone know why when you open the fourth book trader you can only see one line of the bid and ask. The first three you open show five deep on the bid and ask. Does anyone know why this happens?

  10. I believe IB limits you to 3 market depth's per account at one time.
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