Book Trader / DOM / Price ladder for GrayBox

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Robert Weinstein, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. I am currently with IB and looking at moving over to Hold Brothers and use their GrayBox API.

    I really like or at least liked IB's booktrader until they screwed with it to the point that I don't like it anymore.

    I would like to get programmed something very close (few changes like no auto center, default exchange etc..) that will work with Graybox. I don't care if its in Java or not and actually probably better from a computer resource point of view if not.

    Any help or direction on getting this done will be great.



    I am in the same boat with you with what I've seen with IB BookTrader. But I have seen and heard some good things about the Dorman Trading DOM, in concert with leasing a seat on the CME/ICE (TF E-Mini Trading). I called Dorman on the Nov 16th to ask a few questions, and some very disrespectful person answered the phone. He was very short with me and acted as if I was bit of an annoying distraction. I was a bit taken aback because this forum had so many good things to say about their customer service.

    Does anyone else know of, or have experience with other providers who offer a DOM with (Leasing Agreement)?